Peppered dynamite dragged across russet brown-

citron peeled pitted with pores

through curtains sliced lengthways

brains share pleasure between fabric rains-

feet sockless

gooseflesh grounded on floorboards

touch eyes of partial blue

the same blue as confusion

she chews on her hair

lungs squeezed orange juice

ballooned when she moves-

eyes pressed shut

spherical lids



and she’s stuck.


comfort squeezed

in earth’s coldest places

exposed pith

her face

glowstick spritz

spilling innards


e x p an d i n g  space.





Aright my aerolite fright

Backsplice this with

Parasitic tightness

Wheelright my satellite might

This appetite

For foresight, politeness,

Triteness-  uptight, uprightness

Floodlight my oversight, its incites-

bombsite, alright, dogfight, alright, sick sights-


Write tonight white

Miss- Over write this, unite us

With a bite.

Such height, lights, might-

Granite and tight.

Respite overflight

I am.

I am but space

a cluster of mess;

my skin full of chemicals

that has let hurricanes in

and planets and scars

like plastered wax

stuck to my chest.

I am the white sclera

the peeling film

of tired eyes;

I am sinew of bones

that make up home

with feelings reaching

from the praline shells

of their seed.

I am the landscapes

painted on my limbs;

I must preserve me

and see through the lenses

of eyes

like the dirt of flowerbeds

with beauty built around them.



Be set and sotted

Be bearable.

Be little, be holden

Be got, be trothed and token

Be ware-

Beacon upon beachhead, berth

Besieged and benevolent

Beast of Burden.

Bent beneath belligerent

Bears with beards, beefcakes.

Belted beyond berserk.

Bestowed upon,

Bereaved, Belaboured

In beehives of bedsheets

By bevved up bedbugs.

Bedevilled, bewitched.

Bellow, bent below.

Be low.


Below her

Be wails,

Beggarly wails

Betray her

Beg her

With benedictions

Be light and

Be tide

Beget your belated-

Be bedlam

Bewildering as berries

Befelled as be beetles,

Be loved, be belchy

Behemoth and bellifull-

Bellow your heights.


Don’t ever let them hate on your body

for it is a striking mosaic of bones

a relic of desire, peppered with nostalgia-

wiggling hips

like a dog bounding from the riverbed.

Your belly button is deep and soft

a likeness to a shellfish-

your skin is fuzzy and uncharted

and your fungus white fingernails

trace freely, the field of wildflowers

gilding your face.

Happiness can always be found

in this tangible body you call home-

the indents of your collarbones

and the fleshy, vivacious giblets

like small purple-striped jellies

washed up on the shoreline

in gallons of freshwater.

Your body is not a regulation

for your body is the delicacy

of free-hand paint strokes-


imbuing the undiscovered clefts

of every cave on your flesh.







These are crystallised visions

Dancing too close.

Instruments of the deep blue;

Fish hook kisses,

Raging rip-tide tongues.

These lights are an alien sky

Faces fish-eyed,

Scoop music or

Struggling spirits –

Slipping, yolky through florescent fingers –

Into steel-basin chests.

Phosphorous, unbound waves take us

Swaying in its swell of salt.

If we vomit tonight,

It’ll be jellyfish

Blubbery and full of washed up wishes.

Hips swing in rings of infinity

The Steady, instinctual pattern of bees

“Honey” They mouth;

Choked women’s voices

All those messages bottle-necked,

Annexed in Adams apples.

Tribal painted we chant

A song unknown to us

Possessed by the drums and

Something sacrificial,

Something ungendered and primal-

Angels with

Sequined wings exposed

To hungry hands.